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Who is the Mississippi Medical Political Action Committee?

The Mississippi Medical Political Action Committee (MMPAC) is one of Mississippi's largest and most influential political organizations. Each year, MMPAC helps to advance physician-friendly and patient-driven legislation by supporting candidates proven to be pro-medicine and a "Healthy Choice" for Mississippi.

Who can be a member of MMPAC?


MMPAC is made up of physicians from across the state of Mississippi and their spouses. Through the generous donations of membership dues and additional contributions through MMPAC's "I.V. League," MMPAC is able to actively support pro-medicine candidates and public policy... making a positive impact on the practice of medicine in Mississippi.


We are led by our Board of Directors, listed below, which includes:

  • three representatives from each Congressional district in Mississippi;

  • three representatives of the Alliance, a statewide organization for physician spouses;

  • one medical resident / fellow representative;

  • one medical student representative;

  • one representative from the Medical Assurance Company of Mississippi, a partner organization.

First Congressional District:

Peyton Preece, DO - Corinth

James A. Rish, MD - Tupelo (Chair)

Segar Morris, DO - Oxford

Second Congressional District:

Renia Dotson, MD - Greenville

DeGail J. Hadley, DO - Cleveland

Dedri Ivory, MD - Vicksburg

Third Congressional District:

Lori Hill Marshall, MD - Jackson

Vonda G. Reeves, MD - Jackson

Thomas E. Dobbs, MD - Jackson

Fourth Congressional District:

Inez Kelleher, MD - Biloxi

Lee Voulters, MD - Pass Christian

Brian K. Tsang, MD - D'Iberville


Mrs. Lisa Lippincott - Tupelo

Mrs. Heather Rifkin - Hattiesburg

Mrs. Shannon Warnock - Ridgeland

Resident / Fellow Representative:

Melanie Baker, MD - Jackson


Medical Student Representative:

Nikita Manjrekar - Hattiesburg

Medical Assurance Company of Mississippi Representative:

Gerry Ann Houston, MD - Ridgeland


Claude D. Brunson, MD, Ridgeland

MMPAC Past Chairs:

Randy Easterling, MD - Vicksburg

Daniel Edney, MD - Vicksburg

Hugh A. Gamble, II, MD - Greenville

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