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The "I.V. League," established in 2010, is the premium donor club for MMPAC physicians who donate $500 or more, beyond the standard $250 MMPAC membership dues. Members of the I.V. League receive invitations to exclusive MMPAC events and are recognized at the Annual Session meeting of the Mississippi State Medical Association each August.

DIAMOND MEMBERSHIP - $2500 / $208.33 USD - monthly

PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP - $1500 / $125.00 USD - monthly

GOLD MEMBERSHIP - $1000 / $83.33 USD - monthly

SILVER MEMBERSHIP - $750 / $62.50 USD - monthly

BRONZE MEMBERSHIP - $500 / $41.67 USD - monthly


If you have further questions about MMPAC's I.V. League or if you would like to be a part of this premium donor club, please contact David Roberts at 601-853-6733, Extension 310 or at

Wesley Aldred, MD
Joseph Austin, MD
Claude Brunson, MD
Joel Brunt, MD
Jennifer Bryan, MD
Amber Colville, MD
Thomas Dobbs, MD
Renia Dotson, MD
Randy Easterling, MD
Daniel Edney, MD
Roderick Givens, MD
Scott Hambleton, MD
Clay Hays, Jr., MD
Lori Hill Marshall, MD
Dedri Ivory, MD
Jon Corey Jackson, MD
Carlos Latorre, MD
Chanda Miller, MD
Craig Moffett, DO
Seger Morris, DO
John Pappas, MD
Kamlesh Parekh, MD
Pravinchandra Patel, MD
James Risner, MD
Chester Shermer, MD
Chasity Torrence, MD
Meredith Travelstead, MD
Stacey Tsang
Brian Tsang, MD
Justin Turner, MD
Lee Voulters, MD
Angela Wingfield, MD
Vivek Barclay, MD
Kirk Kinard, DO
Techksell Washington, MD
Robert Becker, MD
Sheila Bouldin, MD
John Cross, MD
DeGail Hadley, DO
Inez Kelleher, MD
Jeffrey Morris, MD
Peyton Preece, DO
Pami Taylor, MD
Lee Valentine, DO
John Whitecar, MD
Lee Giffin, MD
Helen Turner, MD
Richard Calderone, DO
Loretta Jackson-Williams, MD
Luke Lampton, MD
Heather Rifkin
Merrell Rogers
John Vanderloo, MD
Geri Weiland, MD


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