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The Mississippi Medical Political Action Committee (MMPAC) is the premier political advocacy organization for physicians in Mississippi.

We monitor legislative and judicial issues that matter to medicine and patients, and we work together to ensure that medicine-friendly legislators and fair and balanced judicial officials are elected so that patient friendly public policies will be enacted and protected.  

"With important elections on the horizon, it is more critical than ever that we continue to have a unified voice through organized medicine at the Capitol and in the political process.  Statewide and legislative elections are on the ballot this year whose outcomes will determine the direction of health care policy in our state for the next four years.  We must elect business and medicine-friendly candidates who understand the importance of our profession and will fight to promote and protect its viability."  - Hugh A. Gamble, II, MD  Chair, MMPAC Immediate Past Chairman

We need your membership and support! Both physicians and their spouses can join MMPAC. Also, both physicians and their spouses can participate in our "I.V. League" premium donor club. Click here to find out more about MMPAC's "I.V. League." JOIN MMPAC TODAY!


1. Together we are stronger. When physicians band together through MMPAC, the voice of medicine is heard loud and clear at the State Capitol and in the Courtroom.

2. You can't afford not to. Trial lawyers and insurance executives understand that public policy is a critical part of their work. Doctors must understand this too! If physicians' and patients' interests are not represented, then those interests will be left out.

3. Policymakers need to hear from doctors. When it comes to healthcare, policymakers must see physicians as the experts and leaders in the field. But of 227 state legislators, not one of them is a physician. MMPAC serves as the voice of physicians, reaching elected officials to positively affect healthcare laws and regulations.

4. MMPAC is looking out for doctors and their patients. Period. We monitor elected officials' voting records and candidates' stances on the issues that matter to medicine. MMPAC is THE political committee that will ALWAYS place the interests of your practice and patients forefront.

5. Physicians must "stay in the game" to be effective. During the tort reform battles of 2002 and 2004, MMPAC membership grew tremendously. Since the passage of the comprehensive law, doctors have gotten too comfortable and assume that the war is over. But it's not. Membership in MMPAC is an investment in the future of the medical practice and in your patients' access to quality care in Mississippi. We must maintain the strength of our voice in government and politics if we want to continue our effectiveness.


Please contact MMPAC staff member David Roberts at 601-853-6733, Extension 310 or at mailto:DRoberts@MMPAConline.com!