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Recent Elections: Success for Medicine

The chief function of the Mississippi Medical Political Action Committee is to support pro-medicine candidates for statewide, legislative, and judicial offices. Below, find a recap of elections in which MMPAC has been involved on behalf of physicians and patients. Thanks to the generous support of our members, we have been highly successful in our endorsements of elected officials over the past two election cycles.

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2015 General Election Results

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2012 Mississippi Supreme Court Elections

With three contended races for Mississippi Supreme Court seats pitting , 2012 was a critical judicial election year.

In order to protect common sense tort reform provisions, MMPAC FOUGHT TO ELECT FAIR AND IMPARTIAL CANDIDATES TO THE SUPREME COURT.

Thanks to YOUR support of MMPAC and of these candidates, we were victorious!

See below for a list of Supreme Court candidates recently elected and endorsed as the "Healthy Choice" by Mississippi physicians:

DISTRICT 1, POSITION 1: Justice William L. "Bill" Waller, Jr.

DISTRICT 2, POSITION 3: Justice Mike Randolph

DISTRICT 3, POSITION 3: Josiah D. Coleman



2011 Statewide and Legislative Elections

During the 2011 election cycle, MMPAC identified the "pro-medicine" candidates for statewide and legislative elections and urged physicians and friends of medicine to support these candidates financially and with their votes to ensure strong healthcare policy is enacted and protected throughout the 2012-2015 term.

MMPAC was proud of its many victories, with endorsed candidates faring extremely well in these elections at an 80% success rate! Below are results of House, Senate, and Statewide races in which MMPAC was involved.

2011 House of Representatives Elections Results

MMPAC candidates were successful in 26 of 35 races.

☑ indicates winner

☑Rep. Bubba Carpenter, Burnsville, House District 1

Chip Wood, Corinth, House District 2

☑Tracy Arnold, Booneville, House District 3

☑Forrest Hamilton, Olive Branch, House District 6

☑Nolan Mettetal, Sardis, House District 10

☑Brad Mayo, Oxford, House District 12

☑Steve Massengill, Hickory Flat, House District 13

☑Chris Brown, Aberdeen, House District 20

Debra Tierce, Fulton, House District 21

☑Rep. Jim Beckett, Bruce, House District 23

Rep. Sid Bondurant, MD, Grenada, House District 24

☑W.E. "Gene" Alday, Walls, House District 25

Rep. Russ Nowell, Louisville, House District 43

Jay Mathis, Carthage, House District 45

☑Rep. George Flaggs, Jr., Vicksburg, House District 55

☑Rep. Philip Gunn, Clinton, House District 56

☑Rep. Bill Denny, Jackson, House District 64

Rep. Jim Ellington, Raymond, House District 73

Ron Swindall, Laurel, House District 79

☑Rep. Greg Snowden, Meridian, House District 83

Mark Purvis, Waynesboro, House District 86

☑Rep. Johnny Stringer, Montrose, House District 87

☑Rep. Gary Staples, Laurel, House District 88

☑Rep. Bobby Shows, Ellisville, House District 89

☑Rep. Becky Currie, Brookhaven, House District 92

☑Timmy Ladner, Poplarville, House District 93

☑Rep. Ken Morgan, Morgantown, House District 100

☑Rep. Toby Barker, Hattiesburg, House District 102

☑Rep. Larry Bryd, Petal, House District 104

☑Rep. Herb Frierson, Poplarville, House District 106

☑Charles Busby, Pascagoula, House District 111

☑Rep. Casey Eure, Biloxi, House District 116

☑Rep. Richard Bennett, Long Beach, House District 120

☑Carolyn Crawford, Pass Christian, House District 121

Dorothy Wilcox, Waveland, House District 122

This list includes only those MMPAC-endorsed candidates who faced a contested race in the General Election on November 8, 2011.

2011 Senate Elections

MMPAC candidates successful in 15 of 17 races.

☑ indicates winner

☑Sen. Nickey Browning, Ecru, Senate District 3

☑Sen. Nancy Collins, Tupelo, Senate District 6

Patsy Gregory, Okolona, Senate District 8

☑Sen. Willie Simmons, Indianola, Senate District 13

☑Sen. Lydia Chassaniol, Winona, Senate District 14

☑Sen. Giles Ward, Louisville, Senate District 18

☑Sen. Kenny Wayne Jones, Canton, Senate District 21

☑Sen. Buck Clarke, Hollandale, Senate District 22

☑Sen. Will Longwitz, Madison, Senate District 25

☑Sen. David Blount, Jackson, Senate District 29

☑Sen. Terry Burton, Newton, Senate District 31

☑Melanie Sojourner, Natchez, Senate District 37

☑Sally Doty, Brookhaven, Senate District 39

☑John A. Polk, Hattiesburg, Senate District 44

☑Philip Moran, Kiln, Senate District 46

Ashley Skellie, Long Beach, Senate District 48

☑Sen. Tommy Gollott, Biloxi, Senate District 50

This list includes only those MMPAC-endorsed candidates who faced a contested race in the General Election on November 8, 2011.

2011 Statewide Office Elections

All MMPAC candidates successful in statewide elections. 

☑ indicates winner

Lt. Governor Phil Bryant - candidate for Governor

Treasurer Tate Reeves - candidate for Lt. Governor

Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney - running for re-election as Insurance Commissioner

Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann - running for re-election as Secretary of State

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