MMPAC Endorsed Candidate Events MMPAC Endorsed Candidate Events Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant with Dr. Randy Easterling and Dr. Tom Joiner (Mrs. Angela Ladner, background) 132560538 Physicians endorse Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant for Governor at a press conference from the MSMA Headquarters in Ridgeland. 132560539 Rep. Sid Bondurant, MD, is endorsed. 132560540 Dr. Victor Horn campaigns for Senate. 132560541 Sen. Doug Davis 132560542 Sen. Perry Lee 132560543 Rep. Brian Aldridge and MMPAC Board Member Dr. Lee Rogers 132561461 Lt. Gov.-Elect Tate Reeves discusses issues with MMPAC Board Chair Dr. Randy Easterling. 132561462 Sen. Perry Lee 132561473 Dr. Randy Easterling and Senator Lydia Chassaniol at the Neshoba County Fair 133490246 MMPAC Board Members Dr. Randy Easterling and Dr. Scott Carlton on Primary Election Night 133490248 Supporters of MMPAC-Endorsed Lt. Gov. candidate Tate Reeves on Primary Election Night 133490749 Mrs. Angela Ladner and Rep. Cecil Brown 139522386 Sen.-Elect Josh Harkins and Mrs. Angela Ladner 139522387 Rep. Ray Rogers and Dr. Scott Carlton 139522388 Rep. Kevin McGee with his constituent, MSMA President Dr. Tom Joiner 139522389 Cleveland physicians hold MMPAC endorsement press conference for Sen. Buck Clarke 139522390 Sen. Buck Clarke, OBGYN Dr. Brad Baugh, and patient Jill Mahaffey with children Katy and Amanda. Jill was pregnant with Katy when Dr. Baugh was forced to discontinue OB care during the height of the tort reform crisis in Mississippi. Thanks to legislative leaders like Sen. Clarke, tort reform passed and Dr. Baugh is still providing OBGYN care in Cleveland, Miss. 139522391 Greenville physicians attend a fundraising reception for Sen. Buck Clarke. 139522392 Rep. Mark Baker and Dr. Scott Carlton 139522393 Dr. Scott Carlton and Leslie Ellington, wife of Rep. Jim Ellington 139610120 Dr. Scott Carlton and Rep. Bill Denny 139610121 MSMA President Dr. Tom Joiner and Senate candidate Will Longwitz 139610124 Rep. Greg Snowden with Meridian physicians 139610125