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MMPAC's I.V. League
MMPAC Donations Amounts (Click Below to see all Options)

The "I.V. League," established in 2010 (formerly known as the Capitol Club), is a premium donor club for MMPAC physicians who donate $250 or more, beyond the standard $100 MMPAC membership dues. 

Members of the I.V. League receive invitations to exclusive MMPAC events and are recognized at the Annual Session meeting of the Mississippi State Medical Association each August. 

Both members and spouses can participate in the I.V. League at the individual's or couple's rates indicated below:

PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP - $1500 for individual/ $2000 for couple

GOLD MEMBERSHIP - $1000 for individual / $1500 for couple

SILVER MEMBERSHIP - $500 for individual / $750 for couple

BRONZE MEMBERSHIP - $250 for individual / $375 for couple

If you have further questions about MMPAC's I.V. League or if you would like to be a part of this premium donor club, please contact David Roberts at 601-853-6733, Extension 310 or at mailto:[email protected].

2018 I.V League Members
Platinum Members
Gold Members
 Silver Members
 Bronze Members
Hugh A. Gamble, MD
Scott Hambleton, MD
Brett Lampton, MD
Geri Weiland, MD
Thomas Joiner, MD
Daniel Edney, MD
Thomas Cobb, MD
Helen Turner, MD
Bill Grantham, MD
Henry Flautt, Jr. MD
Ed Hill, MD
John Pappas, MD
Clay Hays, MD
Greg Patino, MD
Rena Dotson, MD
Azal Kabir, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Randy Easterling
Thomas Dobbs, MD
Jennifer Bryan, MD
Randy Ross, MD
James Riser, MD
Michael Kanosky, MD
John Bethea, MD
Tim Alford, MD
Rowlan & Ann Chancellor Roberson, MD
Angela Wingfield, MD  
Martin Tucker, MD
Ken Lippincott, MD
Joseph Austin, MD
Tim Beacham, MD
 Merrell Rogers
Chris Anderson, MD
 Brian Tsang, MD
Meredith Travelstead, MD
 Claude Brunson, MD
Carlos Latorre, MD
Drs. Derek and Lori Marshall
 Drs. Gerald and Shawn McKinney
 Ann Rea, MD
Frank G. Koe, MD
 Chris Wyatt, MD
William P. Howard, MD
 Michael Mansour, MD
Maxie Gordon, MD
 Philip Levin, MD
Freda Bush, MD
 Thad Waits, MD
  J.M. Brock, MD
 Jeffrey Morris, MD
  John Vanderloo, MD
 Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Beam
  A. Terrel Williams, MD
Mark Horne, MD
H. Clark Ethridge Jr., MD
 Eric Lindstrom, MD
 Drs. Somprasong and Suthin Songcharoen
 Brian K. Tsang, MD

2017 Component Society I.V. League Members

Delta MS Medical Society - $5000.00

West MS Medical Society - $3000.00

2017 I.V. League Members


Dr. an Mrs. Randy Easterling

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Joiner 

Joseph Austin, MD

Meredith Travelstead, MD

Henry Flautt Jr. MD

Gregory Patino, MD

Jean and Edward Hill, MD

Dan Edney, MD

Clay Hays, MD

Pete Avara, MD

Briggs Hopson, Jr. MD

Tim Beacham, MD

Scott Hambleton, MD

Bill Grantham, MD

Kamlesh Parekh, MD

Jeff Morris, MD

Mark Horne, MD

Stephen Beam, MD

Lori Hill Marshall, MD

Lee Voulters, MD


Hugh Gamble, MD

Pravin Patel, MD

Dr(s) R.C & P.R Purohit

Douglas Bacon, MD

Joel Brunt, MD

Dr. and Mrs. John Lucas III

Neil Sloan, MD


Sharon Douglas, MD

Kirk Kinard, MD

Lee Giffin, MD

Philip Levin, MD

Dr(s) Yashawnt & Sushaman Chowdhary

John E Cantrell, MD

Brett Lampton, MD

James Cooper, MD

J. Ann Rea, MD

Richard Johnston, MD

Justin Garner, MD

Steven Brandon, MD

Somprasong Songcharoen, MD

Merrell Rogers

JP Villani, MD

Claude Brunson, MD

Thomas E. Weldon, MD

Douglas E. Bowden, MD

Michael Mansour, MD

Richard Heard, MD

W. David McClendon, MD

Will K. Austin, MD

David Reeves, MD


Helen Turner, MD

Geri Weiland, MD

James Tucker, MD

Jennifer Bryan, MD

Dr. Dudley & Niki Burwell

John Bethea, MD

John Pappas, MD

Ken Lippincott, MD

Brittanie Neaves, MD

Carlos Latorre, MD

Wayne Slocum, MD

Jay Dey, MD

John Cross, MD

Shannon Warnock

Michael H. Carter, MD

Katie Patterson, MD

Syed Rafigue, MD

Gutti Rao, MD

Erik P. Lessman, MD

William Howard, MD

Elizabeth Mitchell, MD

Perrin Smith, MD

Chris Wyatt, MD

Stephen Helms, MD

K. Page Branam, MD

Candace Keller, MD

Elliott Robertson, MD

George V. Smith, MD

W. Wade Dowell, MD

Roland Mestayer, MD

Eric Washington, MD

Steve Demetropoulos, MD

Diane Ross, MD

Sharon Pennington, MD

S. DeWayne Gammel, MD

B. Thomas Jeffcoat, MD

Robin Schwartz, MD

H. Jay Sanders, IV, MD

Lucius Lampton, MD

Michael Artigues, MD

Azad Kabir, MD

Abhash Thakur, MD

2016 I.V. League Members


Dr. and Mrs. Randy Easterling 

Thomas E. Joiner, MD

Hugh Gamble, MD

Joe Austin, MD

Michael Baker, DO

William Ashford, MD

Meredith Travelstead, MD

Clay Hays, MD

John Clay, MD

Henry Flautt Jr., MD

Dr. and Mrs. Jack Brand

Neil Sloan, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Morris

Dwight Keady, MD

Bill Grantham, MD

Maroun El-Hayek, MD


Philip Levin, MD

Daniel Edney, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Brian Tsang

Dr. and Mrs. David Witty

Dr. and Mrs. Ed Hill

Lee Nicols, MD


Thomas Sligh, MD

Scott Hambleton, MD

Bill Howard, MD

J. Stephen Beam, MD

Samuel D. Hensley, MD

Carl Stevens II, MD

Charles E. Guice III, MD

Marcus Britton, MD

Herman Beard, MD

Thomas Little, MD

Claude Brunson, MD

Geri Weiland, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Eric Lindstrom, MD

James M. Cooper, MD

Michael Carter Jr., MD

Michael Mansour, MD

Michael Peavey Sr., MD

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